Now launching her first ebook WOMB’ANIZER

Tuula was born in Finland, the land of the midnight sun, forests and lakes as far as the eye can see, and the magic of the northern lights.

From her home town on the Arctic Circle she travelled toEngland which at first was quite a culture shock in many ways. The Finnish way of life was slower with a closeness to nature, and her new life was fast moving with the crowds and bustle of town life. Even the smell of real coffee she was used to was changed to a quick cup of instant coffee as life rushed on.

She had learnt English at school, but now had to learn all the colloquialisms to understand the life. After mastering the language and the English way of life she started writing classes. From these classes and seminars she became friends with fellow writers such as Tricia Burns, Colin Webber, Bernardine Kennedy and Martina Cole.

Tuula is pleased to be launching her first ebook, which she hopes you will enjoy

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